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A Reason to Smile

I did not want to be broken anymore, I did not want to hurt anymore, and I really was willing to try whatever it took to escape the hell I had created for myself.

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My Future is Secure

At the age of 14, I began jumping into relationships with men of all ages.  I began running away with them and doing whatever they wanted me to do.  I yearned to be accepted and loved.  That need for love and acceptance is where my drug use began.

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Angry at God and Myself

As my addiction progressed and every area of my life completely deteriorated and the 12 step rehabs and meetings were not working for me, I began to grasp at straws…

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Count It All Joy

I was completely bound by alcohol and co-dependent relationships.  I grew up happy, I still felt something was lacking…

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A long term residential Christian discipleship program ministering to women with life controlling issues.

Referral and Placement

Referral and placement services for women, men and adolescents.


Hope for Life, a 6-month non-residential recovery program.


Stay Sharp, a drug abuse prevention education program for local schools and youth organizations.