Sierra is a powerful testimony to what God has done in the lives of so many individuals through Adult and Teen Challenge of the Upper Cumberland’s non-residential program, Hope for Life. Sierra graduated Hope for Life in January of 2021, and it completely changed the course of her life. As ATCUC continues to start new Hope for Life groups in the Upper Cumberland, we reached out to Sierra about sharing her story.

When Sierra heard about the Hope for Life program, she was at the lowest point in her life. She had lost custody of her children due to her drug addiction, but she could not change any of her habits no matter how hard she tried on her own strength. After acquiring more legal charges related to her drug use, Sierra was facing 90 days in jail. Sierra wrote to us in 2020,

“God seemed to think Hope for Life was needed more than jail, and He was right.”

When Sierra started attending weekly Hope for Life meetings at Church on the Hill in Cookeville, her eyes quickly opened to the roots of her addiction and what it would take for her to change for the better. While she was attending Hope for Life, Sierra committed her life to Christ and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She started attending The Wedding Revival in Cookeville in the summer of 2020 and received more confirmation of the deliverance she felt in her Hope for Life classes.

Sierra clearly remembers the support and accountability she received while she was in the Hope for Life program. Every Tuesday night, she would meet with the Hope for Life group and connect with other ladies who were also battling addiction. They supported and encouraged each other through the whole process. Even now that Sierra has graduated the program, the accountability remains as she keeps in contact with members of her group as well as her group facilitator, Chris Dilts. Reflecting on the community, Sierra said,

“That is so important I no longer feel alone in my life and when struggles come I have others that encourage and pray for me.”

Throughout 2020, Child Services repeatedly contacted Sierra to help with the process of regaining custody of her children. Sierra passed each drug test they asked for. As new requirements and verifications came along, Sierra conquered each one, knowing she had started a life free from substance abuse. She knew that if she committed her life to God, He would provide what she needed for her family. With God’s help, Sierra kids were able to go back home a whole month ahead of schedule! Her family is together and stronger now than ever before. Her family now attends church together on a regular basis. Hope for Life redeemed Sierra’s story and her family’s story. Sierra concluded her testimony sharing,

“I never want to go down the road I was going down before. I have learned there is Hope for Life, and His name is Jesus.”

To register for Hope for Life Recovery Groups, Concerned Persons, learn about new classes starting soon, or just for more information, please visit or call 888-688-0470 ext. 105.