Last week at Adult and Teen Challenge of the Upper Cumberland, three residents enjoyed a class entitled Successful 
Living. “Successful Christian Living” has been a popular expression in Christian culture and is used to title books from authors of many different Christian backgrounds. ATCUC volunteer instructor Mrs. Tiffany Sweeley handled this important topic carefully and Biblically. Macaila, Gigi, and Rachel have left the classroom each morning with a better understanding about what it means to be a success in the eyes of God.


     In the first section of this course from Adult and Teen Challenge, each student learned what God says about her and declares over her: she is a Child of God, God loves her, she is valuable, she is a purchased person, a servant of Jesus, and a friend of God.
     In the second section, each student learned five steps to becoming a successful Christian: committing your life to Christ, changing the way you think, setting new goals, learning how to manage your emotions, and sharing what God has done in your life with others.
     The next three sections of this course focus on the essential work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Successful Christian. Residents learned who the Holy Spirit is and what He can do in her life. They also learned how the Holy Spirit can speak to them about the right path and the Father’s purpose for them. ATCUC students learned that the Holy Spirit helps in times of temptation and aligning their desires with God’s perfect purpose. Lastly, students learned how the Holy Spirit produces fruit in their life as they allow Him to.
     Adult and Teen Challenge of the Upper Cumberland commits to intentional and rigorous educational standards on our Livingston campus. Our staff does this so that when ladies graduate our program, their sinful habits have been replaced by the character qualities of Jesus Christ. With the knowledge from this class and other Biblical studies and with the change in heart that comes from this knowledge, ATCUC graduates will be bright lights in their communities and examples of what it means to be a Successful Christian.

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