Immeasurably More

At the age of twelve, I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  At fifteen, my drug abuse escalated when my step dad passed away. I was desperate to find stability in my life.  I felt abandoned by God.  Read more…

Life and a Purpose

As a child it was common for me to be around drugs and alcohol. Through my childhood and teenage years I had friends invite me to church and would attend now and then, but I never truly cared about God.  At 13, I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol.  Read more…

On a Mission

Growing up in a broken home was very difficult and I dealt with feelings of rejection, depression, and severe anxiety. I was sexually abused by several men in my family for about 12 years of my childhood. To escape the pain I had developed, I began experimenting with marijuana, which soon turned into an everyday occurrence.  Read more…

Unconditional Love

I was raised by my mom who was an alcoholic and drug addict.  By 9 years old I had been molested by 3 men, whom I was suppose to trust.  I was taken by the state custody and sent to live with my dad and step family.  I acted like I could handle anything on my own and suppressed almost all my emotions. Read more…

Enjoying Life

I grew up in church with great parents and 2 brothers. At age 14, my parents divorced and I moved out of the house I called “home.” I began hanging out with girls older than me and started drinking, smoking cigarettes, and going to bars. I graduated high school, worked full time, and met a man that I soon fell in love with.  Read more…

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A long term residential Christian discipleship program ministering to women with life controlling issues.

Referral and Placement

Referral and placement services for women, men and adolescents.


Hope for Life, a 6-month non-residential recovery program.


Stay Sharp, a drug abuse prevention education program for local schools and youth organizations.