At seven years old I was placed in DCS Custody because of drug, physical and sexual abuse in my home.  I wasn’t raised up in church but was taught the importance of being truthful, hardworking, and responsible.  I was adopted into this loving family at the age of 13 and soon after became very rebellious and ungrateful for all that I had been blessed with.  I would seek acceptance and love in poor friendships and wrong relationships.  At 17 years old I became pregnant and was influenced to make a decision that I immediately regretted.  I was so ashamed, angry, and depressed.  I chose to leave South Carolina to move to Tennessee to build a relationship with my birth mother for the first time in 11 years.  What I thought I was running away from in South Carolina I only carried with me.  I soon found myself relying on several pills to make me happy, motivated, and even confident in who I was.  I was a “functioning drug addict.”  I held 2 jobs, had my own apartment, my own car, and was supporting my drug habit.  I finally hit rock bottom when I fell in love with someone that I supplied the drugs for my habit.  I soon found that selling drugs made me more money than working 2 honest jobs and that my high could now be even greater, because I didn’t have to worry about authority, or someone noticing I was high.  It wasn’t long before the law caught on and I was now on probation.  Unfortunately, that first encounter didn’t stop me. It took more encounters with the law and an attorney telling me that I could be facing 15 years max and 3 minimum.

I heard about Teen Challenge through my ex-boyfriend who was my co-defendant in all the trouble I was in.  I told my parents about Teen Challenge and they were more thrilled than I was about it, and they were very supportive of helping me get into the program.  At first, Teen Challenge was to save me from doing time in prison, but then it quickly changed to a program that was forever going to change my life.  I wasn’t raised in church so I had no knowledge of the bible or who Christ was, but I knew there was a God.  Now that I have been saved I have found more peace and joy in Christ Jesus than I ever did looking for it in medications and love from men.  I am expecting God to restore my life and relationships with my family that has been destroyed by my drug abuse.  After graduating the program I plan to be completely free of my bondage to drugs and live a life that will follow Christ Jesus.  The verse that I stand on is Psalm 73:23-24, that says “Nevertheless I am continually with You;You hold me by my right hand.  You will guide me with Your counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.”